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Creating an affordable, high quality, and collaborative experience for any creative project by providing you with professionally mixed and mastered music to brand and enhance your Podcast, YouTube channel, Film production, App, Game, Television… and more.

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Royalty free Youtube Music
Successful YouTube channels have complex needs and with over 50 million active channels on YouTube, it’s now more important than ever to stand out. Browse the library below. It’s filled with high quality, royalty free music for creators to instantly download to use in your next YouTube video. No royalties to pay, no need to negotiate and best of all: No lawyers!
Podcast intros
Intro/background music can set the stage and theme for your podcast, notify the listener when segments are transitioning, and can assist with branding your show. Even if your content is really good and adds value, a lack of music could turn people off and/or bore them. A little bit of  ambient music could take your podcast to the next level! Distribute it wherever you want: you’re 100% legally protected worldwide with the use license you’ll get with your music!
Custom Music for your Creation
Looking for unique audio branding to really stand apart from your competitors? No problem! If you don’t hear anything below that does it for you, please contact me and we’ll create something together that will leave your listeners speechless! In less than 6 minutes, you can find, download and receive  your music and license for your next project!
Standard License
This license is perfect for most web uses.

  • Royalty Free
  • Credit not required
  • High Quality WAV and mP3 files both included

Lifetime rights to use for:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Animations
  • Background music for Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Conferences, etc.
  • Non-exclusive
  • Non-transferable
  • Up to 10 million audience size

Instant Download
Premium License
Creator with a bigger project? This option is made for you!

  • Royalty free

All Standard License uses plus:

  • Local TV/Radio advertising
  • Internet Advertising
  • Software
  • Video Games
  • Apps
  • Documentaries
  • Films for public screening
  • Up to 10 million audience size

Instant Download
Professional License
Professional advertiser, filmmaker, music supervisor, etc.? This one is made for you:

All Premium License uses plus:
National and International:

  • TV Advertisement
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Royalty Free
  • Theatrically released films
  • Cinema TV/Radio Broadcasting
  • Unlimited audience size

Instant Download
Exclusive License
This license is for projects that would prefer to own the track.

  • Exclusively for your project
  • Provides exclusive rights to the song
  • Song is removed from the site after purchase
  • Distribute unlimited copies

Instant Download
How this Works
01. Find the Perfect Song
Search through the music library for the sound you need that conveys the mood or overall feeling you're trying to communicate. The library contains various speeds, genres, sounds, etc. to match any project, so feel free to audition any tracks you'd like to hear exactly how it sounds (This list is updated often, so check back for more additions). If your project requires something specific and you didn't locate it in the library, no worries, contact me and I'll create one especially for you!

*Note* Repetitive audio tags will only be heard in demo version and will be removed upon purchase.
02. Choose your License
Understanding how important it is to have proper authorization to use the music in your project, I've provided various, but simple choices for your licensing needs. There is a one-time fee included with purchase (don't worry, it's already included in the fee for the song, not a separate charge). You can now use the music track up to the limits provided with the license you chose with no recurring fees to pay, no per use fees or royalties to pay. This electronic license is your confirmation that you have the rights to use anything licensed on this site. Gone are any concerns of copyright strikes and deleted or disabled accounts for using unauthorized material. Pretty easy, right?
03. Instantly Download
All of the music located in the library is available for instant download. That means, once you complete your purchase, your music will be sent to you instantly... no waiting. You can immediately insert the song into your project(s) and amaze your listeners/viewers!
04. Customer Support
My customer support doesn't stop after you've downloaded your music. After your purchase, I am always available for chat, email and phone calls to help answer questions or correct any unforeseen issues you may run into. If you’re interested in taking your Podcast, YouTube channel, App, Television show, Video Game or film production to the next level and having someone who truly is invested in the final product as much as you, let’s talk! I can’t wait to work together.
Why choose me?
Ongoing support
I am available to you pre or post sale to answer questions. Anything from how to use the music to convey a certain feeling or advice on what sound might work best for your project, I'll be here for you.
Transparent Fees and License terms
A license is required to show YouTube that you have the proper rights to use our music on your videos, which is also needed if you're looking to become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos.
Focus on Quality. Before anything leaves the studio, it is professionally mixed and mastered to make sure it sounds as pristine and broadcast ready as possible. Also, let's be honest: Quality music is harder to find these days. Everyone is sharing the same free resources, resulting in the same level of quality (or lack, thereof) and ultimately resulting in your project seeming eerily similar to everything else.
Versatile Music Knowledge
You might be asking "but how does that help me?!" I'll tell you how 🙂

How hard is it to try to relay a sound or a feeling to someone that only has musical tastes in ONE genre? The answer is VERY. No matter how obscure or specific the sound you're looking for, rest assured, I'm probably into it as well.
I'm not here to take your money and run. If I have no idea how to accomplish what you need at a very high level, I have the integrity to be honest and not waste your time or money. Also, because you're dealing with me directly, if you ever have any issues, you can feel confident I will fix them personally. I don't communicate via social media auto-responders. If you contact me, I respect you and your business enough to personally contact you back.
Affordable and Easy to understand pricing. No project is too small.

Can I use this music in my project?

A:    Absolutely! The music in this library was hand-picked and curated for that very purpose. You can use this music in almost any type of audio/visual production, including video/film productions, websites, multimedia, commercials and other advertising, television, radio, broadcasting, podcasts, trade shows/presentations, flash animations, slide shows, games, software, theatrical releases, telephone on-hold messages, audio books and many other commercial and non-commercial productions.

How do I remove the tags that play during the demo version?

A:    Don’t worry, I’ll do it prior to sending it to you. The tags are only placed in the demo version to prevent theft. Once purchased you will receive download links with all tags removed from the beats.

Can I monetize my videos using this music?

A:   Yes you can! Unlike free music resources (i.e. YouTube’s free music library) that DO NOT allow monetization, purchasing your tracks with a license gives you the added benefit of being able to place the music in your project and not be concerned about copyright issues, content strikes or any other issue that may need documentation to clear up.

Does "royalty-free" mean I can use it for free?

A:    No. Just as “tax free” means free of taxes, but not free of payment, royalty free simply means you are not required to pay for each use of the music. Instead, a one-time fee is paid for the license and music track. I’ve provided a number of royalty-free licenses. Some of them may include more rights and cover more use-cases than others. However, all of them usually follow the basic principles described above (a one-time fee, the ability to use the track as much as you like).

Is there anything I CAN'T use this music for?

A:    The licenses included on this site are pretty broad and cover almost every scenario, however, there are some instances in which you would NOT be able to use any music from this site:


  • Resell the music as your own
  • Download illegally without a license
  • Include as an instrumental in a mix-tape, compilation or any other use “as-is” without prior written consent from

For most other uses, you’re covered by one of the licenses available for purchase.

What happens if I have a copyright claim on YouTube or Facebook?

A:    YouTube & Facebook use a recognition software that scans the music in your video to see if you used copyrighted material. I do not register my tracks in this system so if you have a claim it is whether a “false positive” (the software is wrong) or someone has (successfully) stolen my music.

Please do the following:

  • Contest the Claim! Do not remove your video. If Facebook warns you may be using copyrighted content, choose to upload your video anyway.
  • When YouTube ask you for a reason check: “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”
  • In the comments put a link where you have downloaded the track. If you have bought a license attach your license certificate.
  • Contact me with all the details about the claim: track title, composer, name, company, label that have registered the track. This way I can do something on my side if someone is trying to steal my work.

When/How will I get my license?

A:    Your license will be included with your download. I understand how important it is to have proof when you’re broadcasting copywritten material. Third-parties (like YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio, etc.) releasing or distributing your productions may want to verify that you have a valid music license and that you have been authorized to use the music. So once you download your track, you’ll also get an official license (in PDF format) that will serve as your confirmation you have the rights required to use the music in accordance with the license you chose.

Can I sing or rap over this music?

A:    Technically, you could, but i wouldn’t advise it, but here’s why: Music made for multimedia (video games, podcasts, YouTube,etc.) are made in a way that’s not distracting from the media it’s accompanying. Because of that, I make the music kind of simplistic, yet interesting enough to convey the feeling desired and that’s not ideal for commercial music. If you’d like, contact me and we can do some work for your project specifically.

What exactly am I purchasing?

A:    When you purchase a song from me, you are NOT obtaining OWNERSHIP of the song(s)- you are in fact purchasing a LICENSE to use the song(s) within your multimedia projects, whether or not your compositions are released commercially.

Where do you send the products I order from your site?

A:   Your file(s) are sent directly to the e-mail address you provide during checkout right after payment. If for some reason you didn’t receive the e-mail after purchase, simply contact me and I’ll ask you to forward your payment receipt to me and I’ll get it taken care of.

Do you offer refunds?

A:    Unfortunately, because we are dealing with digital files, there’s no real way for you to “return” anything for a refund. However, if there’s ever an issue with your order, as rare as that may be, I will be more than happy to correct any issue you may encounter and make sure you are fully satisfied with your product.

Do you do any custom music?

A:    Yes. I do custom songs starting from $599.99 with a 50% deposit before getting started. This will be a collaborative effort, so I will be in constant communication with you until you’re completely satisfied with the final song. And, of course, you will have an exclusive rights license to go along with it!

What forms of payment do you accept?

A:   I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

What happens if I purchase an exclusive license for a track?

A:    Once a song is sold “exclusive”, it will be taken out of the library and off the market, no longer available for sale or lease. However, it may be possible that a beat has been leased to several persons before it has been sold “exclusive” but only under leasing user rights.



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